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Founder’s Note: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I always feel weird starting a sentence like this, but here it goes: while I was in jail (you know, for that crime I didn't commit), I wrote a lot of letters. Without access to internet and limited access to phones or other media, it was comforting to have this connection to the outside world and to tap into something I loved from childhood.

I was a bit of a nerd growing up, and I had lots of books (fiction and non-fiction) on history. It's hard to conceive in this day and age that there was a time where letter-writing was the only means to communicate over long distances, and that many romances happened through good old-fashioned letters à la Queen Charlotte - and truly, could not gush more about the depth and beauty of the relationship they portrayed with King George.

After I finished watching this show, I scurried to purchase the accoutrements of royal correspondence: wax seals, wax, and stationery with my initials on it because why not? As is often the case, I wanted to bring my passion for letter writing to you.

We now stock wax, modern seals, and melting spoons by Wax Plus Seal, and we hope you enjoy living your own historic fantasy.

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