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It's Almost Time to Celebrate Your Mom!

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, and we can’t forget to treat the women in our life who've cared for us with the best. Show your appreciation for all the hard work they do with the gifts we feel she would love the most. From self-care to new bling, they deserve it all.




Here at LCS, we go crazy for gardenias and orchids, which is why we've included both Bloomsybox’s beautiful floral arrangements as the best flower to get for mom on her day.

The gardenia outdoor bonsai is sure to make all the butterflies flock toward your home. It isn’t a delicate plant and can even handle light frosts when the temperature drops. As long as the temperature stays above 20 degrees and the space doesn’t get a lot of wind, this Gardenia will thrive. Oh, and did we mention gardenias smell like a little piece of heaven on earth?


If gardenia isn’t mom’s flower, try the orchid! Fly away to the Amalfi Coast with this Amalfi Orchid Duo. The elegant ceramic vase echoes the whitecaps of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea while the bright orchids dazzle like the colorful rooftops on the hills.


Let's just let the name of this candle speak for itself. Give this candle to the mother who needs a little reminder about how powerful they are. The Empress  candle from Birchrose + Co provides a joyous blend of tropical orchid, sweet plumeria and sea salt. 



Being a Mom is not an easy task, and sometimes it’s hard to remember to take time for yourself. This little Self-Care for Moms book can provide the mom who sacrifices herself too much with a gentle, realistic reminder to put some energy back into themselves. Broken down by how much time they are able to take, from 5 minutes to an hour, you'll find a plethora of “me” activities. 



This 14k yellow gold vermeil coin is the perfect piece for the minimalist or maximalist mom. A gold ring sits at the center of a chain, and looks perfect on its own, or can be customized with additional charms to show off your favorite symbols. 



Pamper mom with this Mini Gift Kit. Nestled in an adorable reusable wooden storage box topped with dried flowers are two of our best selling products including Cucumber Arnica Eye Serum and mini Nourishing Face Oil.


Leave a gift message from the cart page and we will be sure to include a handwritten note.


This Bathrobe can be found at countless 5 star hotels and spas across the country and is deemed to be the most luxurious Robe on the market. The exclusive shimmer lining might just be the softest fabric you will ever wear. The attention to detail on this robe is exquisite with cuff and belt stitching, piping trim and Chic side seam pockets. Give Mom the gift of luxury whilst lounging at home


When in doubt, gift card it out - at the end of the day, sometimes the best way to show our appreciation for the mothers in our lives is to let them treat themselves. 


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