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Some Things Last (Almost) Forever

Forever is a very long time, but like Zendaya and Tom Holland's epically cute romance, we're happy to call some fashion staples that will endure for at least the next decade (please don't make liars out of us, Tom and Zendaya).

1. Silk Slip Dress

There's a reason the 90s slip dress remains in the zeitgeist: elegant, simple, and easily styled up or down, it screams model off duty. Throw a linen blouse tied in the front over it with some wedge heels, and you're ready for a day at the pool or beach. Chilly out? Pair it with an over-sized turtleneck and some cute booties. Or dress it all the way up with kitten heels, a leather jacket, and lux accessories.


Lux Bias Cut Silk Slip Dress, $149

2. Pre-Loved Denim

Denim has been THE staple ever since it went mainstream in the 1960s. We love it, but we don’t love its impact on the environment. Enter our ever-expanding collection of pre-loved denim. 


3. Silk Wrap Dress

Grab it in black, and it doubles as your LBD. This is the piece you can wear with confidence from your 20s to well past retirement age. And for you 50 somethings who think you can’t show a little leg? Marisa Tomei (who is 58!) would strongly disagree, and how could that angel on earth be wrong?


Sam Silk Wrap Dress, $190

4. A Classic Blazer

 Wear it with a blouse. With a tee. Over some (pre-loved) jeans. With a mini skirt. You get the picture. It dresses up any outfit. I’ve never felt anything but French girl chic in a blazer.

Pinstripe Jacket

Bella Pinstripe Jacket, $179

5. Diamond Earrings

 Cliché, we know, but diamond earrings are an everyday staple. Polished, understated, and strongly preferred to pearls (sorry, pearl fans), diamonds add a little luxury to even a matching sweat suit.

Diamond Earrings

14K Gold Diamond Earrings, $400

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