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Support the Ukraine

At Les Coeurs Sauvages, we believe in peace over violence, which is why we wholeheartedly stand with Ukraine and its people. On our website, we feature a few talented and strong Ukrainian female entrepreneurs who we would like to take a moment to highlight.

We have been supporting them before the invasion and are committed to continuing our support through this difficult time - that includes paying up front for inventory and extending shipping and fulfillment timelines so they can focus on safety and survival without worrying about their businesses.


Serenity Wear is a woman-owned business in the Ukraine that specializes in luxury silk items. The Lux bias cut mini and midi silk slip dresses are designed and handmade by Olga, who started the brand after becoming obsessed with the soft sensation of wearing silk. 


Evolve UA is a small, female-owned fashion company based in the Ukraine. All items are handmade and designed by Lika Rusalova, and despite the current atrocities being committed against Ukraine Lika is determined to be resilient by continuing to create and ship items to all those who order from her. 

Here at LCS, we have donated to the Red Cross in support for the Ukraine. We’ve put together other resources you can utilize to support the people of Ukraine can be found here: 

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