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The Devil's in the Denim

Buying new denim may not be the incredible timeless investment we've been made to think it is. While we all may adore those high-waisted mom jeans for years to come, it’s the production of new denim that has a huge negative environmental impact.

Creating one pair of jeans requires up to 8 gallons of water — which is equivalent to three days of water usage for an average US household. This leads to the pollution of local waterways from the dyes used to produce jeans. Also, the cotton crop that is used to make the fabric requires a lot of chemical pesticides.

Les Coeurs Sauvages is on a mission to help the environment, but doing so fashionably. We recognize that keeping the same pair of jeans for many years is not realistic, and we all need to scratch that itch for a new look sometimes. That’s why we’re launching our first edition of RE L’AMOUR (French for reloved) with exclusively denim pieces. 

RE L’AMOUR will be collections of hand picked, carefully curated, and one-of-a-kind, second-hand and vintage pieces accessible through Les Coeurs Sauvages. This first collection will focus on all things denim in an effort to elevate our promise to source sustainably. 

Get ready to make room in your closets, because these pieces will be the perfect guilt free way to give some old denim, some new love. 


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