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Earth Day, Today and Everyday

Get ready mon coeurs because the day dedicated to the importance of caring for the planet is coming. Here at Les Coeurs Sauvages, we believe in investing in timeless, high quality pieces because when you buy fast fashion, it usually ends up in landfills. Whenever possible, we look for items that are made of premium or recycled materials in luxury styles and cuts. Even though we recognize that buying new clothing is not the most sustainable method of updating your closet, this Earth Day consider the planet before your purchases. 


Bye bye throw away dryer sheets, hello reusable dryer balls! These sheeps wool dryer balls are made of premium quality wool from New Zealand. Using them is a smart, energy and money saving alternative that reduces the drying time, wrinkles and static significantly. Made with fragrance free, hypoallergenic wool, this product is free of chemicals and synthetics that hurt the environment and can last 1000+ loads. 



This perfect tank has fabric that does not ride up or roll, stretches in all the right places, thick enough you can go braless and a raw hem you can cut to your desired length. Made and designed ethically in LA by Black White Beige with knitted fabric, dyed to perfection & chosen specifically to optimize the design. Their fabrics are mostly organic and they only produce in small batches so that nature’s vulnerable resources are not being wasted  in the making/washing/rinsing stages as well as creating too many items that may end up in landfills.


The Apple Leather Tote is a recreation of one of Samara's best sellers created using apple skins. Designed to accompany every outfit and every occasion, the Apple Leather Tote can fit it all (from your laptop to your gym gear). Our apple leather is a combination of apple skins that are the by-products of the juicing industry, as well as PU, which acts as a binding agent.


Glue-up your Brow Game. This Brow Glue gives your brows extreme hold without sticking. The transparent, quick-drying formula with only four ingredients leaves no residue and has a matte, invisible finish. Thanks to the sustainable precision bamboo applicator, you can apply the glue to individual hairs or the entire brow. A must-have for every Brow-Aholic.


Bold bling that adds the ultimate edge to your chain collection.Designed by Awe Inspired, their pieces are crafted from the finest materials using precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Founder Jill has been designing and building relationships with diamond and gold jewelers for over 30 years. Their pieces are free of alternative base metals and brass. 


This upcycled two tone bikini top is a reworked design to represent the yin/yang of life. Created by SIE, this top is made in limited quantities in a way that transcends time and is never intended for only one season. More than fashion, the heart of SIE lies in representation, sustainability, mental health and integrity. Their ethos centers around a slow fashion, responsible and ethical business. They choose to produce locally in LA in limited quantities, sourced deadstock and recycled luxury materials.

At LCS, we donate 1% of proceeds to Project Drawdown, an organization that helps the world decrease greenhouse gasses. We're calling B.S. on the fashion industry. And ourselves too.We're self aware enough to recognize that we're not flawless, but we're growing to try. As a fashion company that prides itself on our sustainability effort, we must acknowledge the fact that we are still a company that benefits from production and consumption, and that takes a toll on the environment. We're here to disrupt the industry and not be yet another company that claims a "net zero" impact on the environment. So, here’s a few of our favorite pieces that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious. 

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