we are an

ethical marketplace



French for “wild hearts”, Les Coeurs Sauvages is an ethical marketplace that champions human-driven, purpose-led retail.

We believe the future of retail belongs back where it started, with people. People who contribute more than just things to the world. They are thoughtful humans who push against what’s expected of them and follow their hearts. 

Hearts that have purpose. Hearts that care. Hearts that explore. Hearts that are wild.

What ethical means to us

LCS is all about untamed fashion that
infuses the perpetually-fluid world we live in with soul. We
reject conformity, incite bravery and invite everyone to curate
the look that reflects their unique existence today with timeless
pieces that will remain relevant for years to come. We’re here
to challenge established fashion boundaries and norms—and
provide all with unfettered sartorial freedom in the purest

LCS was built on the concept of
“intentional consumption.” When we know better we do
better, and the result is retaliation against the status quo. The
time has come for fashion to reflect the untamed world around
us. We cultivate individuality and
uphold the values that unite all of us.

Good for the environment

We believe in investing in timeless, high quality pieces because when you buy fast fashion, it ends up in landfills. With Les Coeurs Sauvages, you’ll build a timeless wardrobe that you can wear forever and doesn’t hurt the earth. We call that a win-win.

Good for humans

We’re here to bring humanity back to retail, investing in people and not just products. So we only work with brands that put people first. That means equal pay, safe working conditions, and fair treatment for all workers. Our brands take pride in their work so you can have pride in what you buy.

Good for the heart

We seek out independent designers who support ethical production and business models while still producing high-quality pieces that you won't find on Amazon. They are often woman- or BIPOC-owned. Whether it's doing small batch production to avoid waste, or using recycled or environmentally-friendly materials, they care about how your products are made.

Give Back

We practice what we preach

It’s important to us to lead by example by giving back to people and the planet. Two causes that are very close to our hearts are climate change and survivors of intimate partner violence.

To that end, we donate 1% of proceeds to Project Drawdown, an organization that helps the world decrease greenhouse gases, and another 1% to FreeForm, an organization that helps survivors of intimate partner violence achieve financial security.