The Team

Get to know a little bit about the wild souls that make Les Coeurs Sauvages' heart beat. 
Michelle Hadley: Founder/CEO 
Michelle Hadley
Hi there Mon Coeur. I’m Michelle, and beauty, fashion and fitness have been my sources of strength and healing through my journey of not only surviving abuse, but fighting back against a system that attempted to silence me. I’ve made it my personal mission to fight oppressive power structures and disrupt the retail industry. Whether it’s police brutality, corrupt law enforcement, abusers, or goliaths like Amazon, I’m not afraid to stand up for what's right. I craved a space to share my passion for quality, timeless pieces from sustainable brands and businesses owned by marginalized populations to empower and uplift others, so I launched Les Coeurs Sauvages, a place that champions a stronger and sustainable future for fashion, beauty, planet, and people. 
Samantha Matthews: Marketing Intern
Hi Dolls! I’m Samantha and I’ve been with LCS for over a year now. As someone with a passion for fashion, it always weighed heavily on my heart knowing the toll my purchases took on the humans and environment, and I wanted to do something about it. LCS’s mission to ethics and sustainability, donating 1% of proceeds to Project Drawdown was the first thing that drew me in, the second was the site’s impeccable style, of course! However, I stay with LCS because of its heart and commitment to the uplifting and unwavering support of women. Beyond donating 1% of proceeds to Freefrom, every single day I am surrounded by a group of strong, intelligent women. Whether it’s our fearless leader Michelle guiding me through Shopify (or my personal life) or interacting with talented and kind models on set, LCS is more than a retailer, it’s a community. 
Raven Stinnett: Assistant Manager
Hi! I'm Raven Stinnett, the assistant manager here at Les Coeurs Sauvages. I've always had a passion for fashion growing up. I got into fashion because I was really interested in the business side of the fashion industry and wanted to gain the best understanding of all of the aspects. I am currently studying at LIM College, majoring in fashion merchandising. I love focusing on the fashion styling aspect because I am such a creative individual. I believe what we wear reflects who we are as people and how we express ourselves!
Katherine Tran: Social Media Intern
 Hi Angels! I’m Katherine and I’m Les Coeurs Sauvages’ social media intern. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelors in fashion merchandising at California State University Long Beach. But my passion for fashion doesn’t stop at the beautifully curated collections and styles LCS has to offer. When I first discovered LCS last year, I was attracted to their mission to support BIPOC-owned designers. As a woman of color, that is something I value in every company I work with! And I can’t not mention the b-e-a-utiful photoshoots I get the honor of sharing to all of you on our social channels. When I’m not editing TikTok videos, I enjoy Pilates, going to the beach, and reading!
Rogue: LCS Mascot 

Hi! I’m Rouge and according to the team and my mommy Michelle, I’m the goodest girl! Whether I'm stealing the show at our photoshoots, or greeting every customer (also known as my new best friends) at our Ridge Hill location, LCS keeps me stylish! Just look at this fabulous bow I have around my neck in my pic! When I'm not hanging at the store with mom, I usually spend my time chewing on some bones, or snuggling on the couch.