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Palo Santo - Les Coeurs Sauvages

Palo Santo

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Our Palo Santo sticks exude a clean pine scent and are a gentle way to cleanse and purify energy.

Originating from a small family run farm in Ecuador (Puerto Lopez County in the Manabi Province), our Palo Santo wood is collected from fallen tree branches. Unlike other species, Palo Santo must fall by its own accord in order to preserve freshness. Plus, in doing so, not a single tree is cut down or harmed. 

A portion of each Palo Santo sale goes towards an extensive Palo Santo reforestation project in Ecuador. In six years, this project has funded the building of a greenhouse and the planting of over 40,000 trees.

Palo Santo is a tree found in South America, traditionally used by Indigenous communities as a sacred practice.

  • To cleanse and purify negative energy
  • Due to the limited amount of smoke generated, ideal for use on individual objects or in a more personal and enclosed setting
  • Great for cleansing your personal self

    Light the Palo Santo for 10-15 seconds, when smoke appears gently circulate over item you'd like to cleanse in a figure eight manner. Upon completion, set the Palo Santo in a holder and let it burn out or dip it in water. Consider returning any ash back to the earth. Added bonus: dance with your Palo Santo and think #betterfeels. 


    Palo Santo is approximately 4" x 0.5" x 0.5"

    Our Palo Santo is packaged in our black rice paper bags.

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